Isla Mujeres – Travel Guide

Just off the coast of Cancun lies a tiny island that has been renowned for its beauty and wonder for centuries. Regarded as a holy place by the Maya back then, it is now considered a popular tourist destination.

The bright blue water, sandy beaches, coral reefs, and palm trees make up this beautiful island. All throughout the year, it is frequented by migrating giant iguanas and whale sharks.

People from different parts of the world come to this place to swim, eat, and marvel at the magnificent surroundings.

Reasons to Visit Isla Mujeres

Its rich history

The rich history of this island goes way back to 1500, when it was used as a sanctuary for Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of the moon, fertility, happiness, and medicine. It used to house the temple, which also functioned as a lighthouse for anyone who wished to harvest salt or worship. The island was used as a sanctuary until Francisco Fernandez de Cordoba discovered it in 1517.

Its amazing climate

Isla Mujeres has a tropical climate, making it a great tourist destination all throughout the year. You will not have a hard time predicting which months are the best times to visit the island. Ideally, you should go there between January and April because the weather during these times is perfect.

You can also go there in May to October. These months are sunny and rainy. So, you can have a wonderful time diving and snorkeling. However, you might want to pay for travel insurance, particularly around September to October. These are the times when hurricanes become common in the area.

November to December are also great months for exploring the island. There is low humidity during the day and the evenings can be a bit chilly. You can still enjoy all the great activities that this beautiful island has to offer.

Its breathtaking views

Of course, tourists come to the island to check out the beautiful spots. There are a lot of wonderful places you can explore all over the island. You can eat and partake in exciting activities as you also learn about the culture and history of Isla Mujeres.

Tourist Attractions

There are plenty of places that you need to go to when you come to Isla Mujeres. Do not hesitate to explore. Make the most of your vacation. Here are some of the best attractions that tourists frequent whenever they are on the island:

Playa Norte

It is a beautiful beach where you can relax, take pictures, and walk. The water is clear and great for swimming. It is the perfect destination for people who want to spend quality time with their family and loved ones.

Punta Sur

It is a wonderful eco park with a rich history. Located at the southern part of the island, it can be pretty far. Nonetheless, it is still worth traveling to, especially if you are a nature lover. Here, you will find epic views, cliffs, trails, and Mayan ruins. Wildlife is also abundant. Expect to see iguanas and other animals in your path as you stroll around the area.

Dolphin Discovery

If you have always wanted to swim with the dolphins, you should definitely come to this place. Here, you will be able to interact not just with dolphins, but also with sea lions and manatees. This place is truly a wonderland where you can play with animals and have fun. Interacting with marine creatures in their natural environment will give you a new fresh perspective on what paradise is really like.

Kin Ha (Antes Parque de los Suenos)

It is the perfect place for people who are into kayaking, water sliding, paddle boarding, and exploring nature. Here, you will find swimming pools, a restaurant, a swim-up bar, a sun deck, and a pier. You will be able to enjoy recreational activities such as wall climbing, rope swinging, and snorkeling. You will also be able to access the clear turquoise waters.


This place is perfect for people who love animals, specifically turtles and fishes. Here, you can check out these marine creatures and watch them swim, eat, and live their day-to-day lives. For a fee, you can even feed the turtles! The entire trip will surely be fun and memorable for you and your family.

Playa El Centro

While on the island, do not just swim in the waters and walk on the sandy beaches. You should also spend some time dining at restaurants and immersing yourself in the wonderful culture through the local cuisines. The seafood are delectable and the service is excellent. Do not forget to buy some souvenirs for the family and friends that you left back home.

Capilla de Guadalupe

This chapel is truly breathtaking. It has a stunning architecture and a beautiful history. Here, you will see the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe. You can pray to her and attend the daily mass if you want to.

El Farito

You should head to the Port of Juarez if you want to snorkel and have the best time of your life. You can join a group of other people who are into the same activities as you.

El Malecon

Here, you will see amazing views. The path directly runs along the ocean. So, you will have an astonishing view of the sunset. You can walk or run on the smooth concrete, as well as walk on the sand.

Iglesia de Concepcion Immaculada

This one is another ideal place for people who are religious and love going to churches. The solemn church features the Stations of the Cross on its walls. Each painting was wonderfully made. Your emotions will surely be moved. If you have time to attend the daily mass, do it. Otherwise, you can go inside and say a little prayer before you go about your day.

Things to Do

When you visit Isla Mujeres, see to it that you have already planned your activities. There are just too many interesting things to do on the island. You might run out of time if you do not plan ahead.

  • Swim with whale sharks

These gentle giants are among the primary attractions of Isla Mujeres. So, when you come to the island, you have to make sure that you get to swim with them. They are intelligent, friendly, cool, and unique. The best times to hang out with them are between the months of May and September when the waters are warm and ideal for swimming.

  • Ride a golf cart or a moped to explore the island.

While you can walk to check out the marvelous sights, you might get tired eventually because there are just too many wonderful sights to behold. So, you may want to rent a golf cart or a moped. Riding these vehicles will let you explore the island easier and faster.

You will not have a hard time finding these vehicles because they are all over town. Once you get your ride, you can check out difficult-to-access areas such as Garrafon de Castilla and Punta Sol.

  • Eat authentic Mexican food.

You may have already tasted some Mexican food back in your home country. However, there is nothing better than authentic Mexican food. Here, the dishes are prepared by locals who have probably eaten these kinds of food since they were young. The ingredients are also either homegrown or bought locally.

Check out Café Mogagua and have a taste of their delectable chilaquiles. You can also go to the streets of Miguel Hidalgo and Calle Bravo to get some grilled quesadillas. If you love tacos, you should definitely head to Taqueria Medina because they serve the best tacos on the island.

  • Relax on the beach.

It is really nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city even just for a short while. The serene atmosphere of the beach is the exact opposite of the noises in the city. So, while you are here, see to it that you relax and rejuvenate yourself.

Plop down on a beach chair or hammock and just forget about your usual routine for a few minutes. Let your body sink in your seat, feel the warmth of the sun on your face, and inhale the cool ocean breeze. You can also sip a glass of fresh coconut juice if you want. Make the most of this paradise.

  • Do yoga.

Yoga has always been known for its calming and relaxing benefits. It is great for both your mind and body. However, this quiet exercise is not just done in studios. You can also have yoga on the beach or in the woods. Surrounding yourself with nature as you exercise and meditate will do you a lot of good.

  • See the underwater sculpture garden.

You can go to the MUSA Underwater Sculpture Park, which is a massive underwater sculpture project. It may actually be the biggest in the world. Here, you will find more than five hundred sculptures of inanimate objects, people, and animals, among others. They are located near live corals and plants, making the experience more surreal.

  • Go snorkeling or diving.

Isla Mujeres is well-known for its world-class diving and snorkeling. Aside from the MUSA underwater sculpture garden, you can also check out other great reefs and sites. At El Farito, you can check out the colorful fish and the bright colors. These fascinating creatures will surely brighten up your day. If you come to the island sometime in May to September, you can hop on a boat tour. You can watch and swim with the whale sharks in the ocean.

  • Pamper yourself.

Nature and wildlife are not the only ones you can enjoy at Isla Mujeres. If you are an indoor person and you prefer to relax in a cozy place, you can check yourself in a beach club. Here, you can relax and pamper yourself. There are washrooms, lockers, and towels, so you will never have to worry about having to answer the call of nature. Let your family members explore the wildlife outdoors while you stay in a luxurious place and enjoy a glass of your favorite drink.

Where to Stay In Isla Mujeres

There are plenty of accommodations available on the island for customers with different budgets and preferences. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Zoetry Villa Rolandi

This luxury hotel is regarded as one of the best on the island. It is the perfect place to check in if you are after high-end facilities. It features a state-of-the-art spa, spacious suites, and private Jacuzzis. Your vacation will surely be grand if you stay in this five-star hotel.

Isla Mujeres Palace

For couples who are vacationing on the island for their honeymoon or those who just want to give their relationship a little bit more spark, Isla Mujeres Palace is the place to go. It is an all-inclusive resort that is only for adults. It is especially designed to exude a romantic and intimate ambiance. Here, you can rest assured that you will have peace of mind, away from the noise of screaming children. It is the place to go if you want to avoid the crowds and noises in family-friendly hotels.

Mia Reef Isla Mujeres

If you are vacationing with your entire family, this child-friendly hotel may just be what you are looking for. It is located near the Norte Beach and other popular attractions such as the Isla Mujeres Sculpture Garden. Here, you can book a room for you and your partner as well as for your children. You can dine at the onsite restaurants or relax at the spa. There is also a gym and a sauna.

Final Thoughts

Make time to go on a vacation because you deserve to indulge once in a while. At Isla Mujeres, you will never run out of attractions to look at or activities to do. You will always have plenty of options for food, accommodation, and travel. Whether you are in search of romance, family fun, adventure, or solo relaxation, you will surely find what you need on this island.


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