Los Cabos – Travel Guide

Los Cabos is a region in the Baja Peninsula containing two of Mexico’s trendiest beach destinations, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo. Both towns are approximately a 30-minute drive of each other and are serviced by the Los Cabos International Airport. Cabo San Lucas hosts a fast-paced lifestyle featuring a bustling downtown, vibrant bar scene, large variety of restaurants, and popular tourist attractions. San Jose del Cabo is a more traditional Mexican town known for its quaintness and laid-back experiences.

What Can I Do There?

When you first set foot in Cabo, you will fall in love with its nature’s diversity. Do you enjoy exploring the desert? Swimming deep into salty waters? Hiking on mountainsides? That’s not a problem since Cabo will bring each whim of yours to life.

Cabo is known for the Sea of Cortés, sportfishing, surfing, and sailing. There, you can also go snorkeling, diving, hiding, and the whole bunch. Coupled with the vibrant nightlife and fantastic cuisine, Cabo is a must-go for anyone.

When Should I Plan my Trip?

Cabo is heavenly all through the year, but November to April are ideal times for visiting. The temperature is kind, prices are reasonable, and spirits are high.

Late summer visits are best for avoiding crowds and steep prices. December through April is perfect for whale-watching and boat trips. That’s because it is right through grey whale season.

If you’re the partying kind, make sure to visit in March. You will enjoy the best rendition of carnivals, dancing, food, and celebration.

What Are Some Popular Places I Can’t Miss?

To get around this Eden, your best choice is to grab a local taxi. They will take you to one of Cabo’s renowned locations, including:

El Arco – a beach featuring a high tide that you can walk underneath of

Cabo Pulmo – an ideal location for scuba diving

The Marina – a dreamy walkway for lovers, friends, and family

Cabo Wabo Cantina – a famous bar for enjoying the nightlife

So, pack your bags, get your sunscreen on, and prepare for the vacation of a lifetime.


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